Ship a Car from Rhode Island To South Carolina

Fast Car Shipping from Rhode Island to South Carolina

The average driving distance from Rhode Island to South Carolina is 900 miles, more or less. On land, you have to cross a number of states from north to south in order to get to your destination. On average, 900 miles can be traveled by car in like 14 hours, maybe 15. It is a long drive, especially for those who are not used to sitting in a car seat for a long time.

How Can You Relocate Your Car from Rhode Island to South Carolina?

Both locations are on the east side of the US, right near the ocean. Therefore, there are two possibilities for this transport: by land or by sea. In the first case, your car will be transported using a hauling carrier, while in the second one it would go on a Rhode Island to South Carolina auto transport ship. Each type of service has its own advantages, but both of them have affordable prices that make contracting with a professional vehicle shipping company more profitable than driving.

Where Can You Find High Quality Rhode Island to South Carolina Auto Shipping Service?

If you want to relocate your car in best condition possible, then hiring American Auto Move is the answer you are looking for. Our company can offer you complete customer service for any route in the country. So if you want to send your car from Rhode Island to South Carolina, we can provide you the following services:

- Direct car transportation, which is also known as door to door vehicle shipping. This is a custom service, which allows you to establish both the loading and the delivery locations.

- Terminal to terminal shipping. Basically this is our standard service, which can provide you the cheapest Rhode Island to South Carolina vehicle shipping price.

For both types of service, you can opt for either an enclosed hauler or an open one.

- Port to port shipping. Your vehicle is carried by ship over the water. As a matter of importance, customers who choose this type of service can benefit from attractive discounts.

For more information about shipping rates and forms, you can visit our website at If you want to book a quick transport from Rhode Island to South Carolina, you can fill out our quick quote form or call us at (888) 201-2370 any day of the week.