Ship a Car from Rhode Island To North Dakota

How to Find Out the Price for Transporting Your Car from Rhode Island to North Dakota?

With a distance of 1,822 miles to cover, not many car owners would think of driving by themselves all the way from Rhode Island to North Dakota. Instead of attempting anything like this, you can ask for the help of a professional company and let them handle the transportation for you.

Now that you have the solution, you still have to find the right company, because, without a good one, your car might not be safe or reach destination on time.

How Do You Calculate the Auto Transport Price from Rhode Island to North Dakota?

First of all, you should remember that getting quotes should not take you too much time, no matter if you need your car shipped from Rhode Island to North Dakota or on a shorter distance.

It is important for you to realize that the auto transport rate from Rhode Island to North Dakota is influenced by several factors:

  1. The type of car you want to ship If you want to ship an expensive car in special conditions, than the price will definitely go up. Special cars or expensive ones are transported in covered trucks, at prices with 50% higher than those for standard open shipping. If you do not want your car to be delivered in special conditions, then you can choose the open carrier and save some money.
  2. The distance – The longer the distance, the higher the price you have to pay is. You should remember that any trailer, truck or carrier runs on gas or diesel, and the longer the distance is, the more fuel will be required to cover it.
  3. Car specifications – The car’s condition, weight and size will also influence the price, as broken cars, very heavy or big cars are more expensive to ship than their alternatives;
  4. Pickup and delivery points You can save some money by agreeing to take your car to the company’s terminal and pick it up from the closest terminal at destination. If you decide to have it picked up from and delivered to your home, the company will have to invest more time and resources, so they will charge you more.

Why Choose American Auto Move?

We will take all the above details into account and offer you the best price on the market, insurance and detailed explanations on what shipping you car from Rhode Island to North Dakota will mean.

Just give us a call at 1-888-201-2370 or use the online quote form at and let us minimize the distance from Rhode Island to North Dakota for you.