Ship a Car from Rhode Island To New Jersey

What You Should Consider When Moving from Rhode Island to New Jersey?

You found the right company to move your car from Rhode Island to New Jersey and now you are happy that everything is done. We suggest not rushing into thinking that the hard part has passed; there is other stuff that you have to take care of once you have settled in a new state.

What You Should Remember When Moving from Rhode Island to New Jersey?

  1. Changing the car registration address. If you for good, you have to change all your documents and have the car registered on your new address.
  2. Insurance many auto owners forget about the importance of insurance. When leaving from Rhode Island to New Jersey you should ask your insurance company if they have offices in New Jersey and if you are covered with your present insurance. If not, then you will have to find a new insurance company.

The insurance is important in case of damages that might appear to the car or in case of accidents. It is not advised not to announce the insurance company of the new address. The majority of the companies have stipulated in the contract that long periods spent in another state might lead to fees, fines and, sometimes, even to losing coverage.

Why American Auto Move Is the Best Company to Use for Auto Shipping from Rhode Island to New Jersey?

We do not take care only of the delivery, we take care of each client’s needs separately and that applies to our car shipping services from Rhode Island to New Jersey. We always want our clients to be well informed in order for them to better understand the process of moving. Even something is not written in our work procedure, we have special sections on the blog clarifying different aspects that might not cross the mind of our clients at first.

Our specialists well trained and instructed to make any relocation safe and easy. Our services are better than the market average simply because we live up to our promises and we have nothing to hide.

For any inquiries, just contact us at the telephone number 1-888-201-2370 and let us help you. We serve our clients with commitment and honesty, from providing the information they need to delivering their cars safely from Rhode Island to New Jersey, so take the necessary steps to become one of our clients.