Ship a Car from Rhode Island To Idaho

Ship Your Vehicle from Rhode Island to Idaho in the Best Possible Conditions

The distance from Rhode Island to Idaho is 2,589 miles, and driving non-stop will get you there in one day and approximately 16 hours. But driving non-stop is impossible, and, if you need your car from one place to the other, fast and secure, we recommend that you use an auto transport service from Rhode Island to Idaho. At American Auto Move, you can easily find out the car shipping costs by filling in the quote form. It is quick and accurate, and there is no extra charge for direct auto transport.

Choose the Open Car Shipping Service to Move Your Car from Rhode Island to Idaho

The open trailer is the most used transport option in the car shipping industry. This is the solution to choose if you want to benefit from cheap vehicle shipping from Rhode Island to Idaho. Open trailers have been used for more than 50 years to transport cars all over the country, so there is no reason to be skeptical about it. Moreover, auto dealerships use open trailers to bring in the cars from the factories. It is safe and cost effective, and it can get your car to destination faster than you could.

An open hauler can load and transport up to 10 cars at once, so imagine how efficient one trip can be. Besides, if you have more than one car to ship, you will be able to get a better price.

High End Cars Deserve Enclosed Shipping

We are well aware of the fact that there are cars and then there are special cars, high end cars. If you own such a car, you will not care about the auto transport price from Rhode Island to Idaho, and you will choose an enclosed carrier.

Enclosed auto transport is, beyond doubt, the safest option for transporting show cars, low profile or low clearance vehicles, antique cars, vehicles with exposed interiors, or classic cars Rhode Island to Idaho. The trailer is fully enclosed and built in such a manner as to prevent bad weather conditions from affecting your car.

An enclosed trailer is also equipped with soft tie downs to hold your car, and a climate control system. As you can see, all risky situations are being prevented, so that your car does not suffer any alterations on the road from Rhode Island to Idaho.