Ship a Car from Rhode Island to Hawaii

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Need Help With Getting Your Car Shipped From Rhode Island To Hawaii? You’ll Be Glad You Found Us!

If you are looking for a company that can ensure reliable Rhode Island to Hawaii car shipping, then you have come to the right place. Shipping to Hawaii is actually one of the most frequent requests we receive from our clients, so we have had the opportunity to gather useful experience in delivering to this destination. There are several ways in which Hawaii vehicle shipping can be managed, and, since we’ve handled them all, we know exactly what the best solution for your situation is.

Why Choose American Auto Move?

If you need to ship your car all the way from Rhode Island to Hawaii, then you are probably worried about the great distance that must be covered. With our experience and professionalism distance does not matter: we will ship your vehicle safely and fast, no matter how short or long the distance is. You can even track your car online during the shipping period. For this purpose, we offer a free online tracking service that works 24/7, so you can check where your car is at any time.

What Can We Offer?

Our transport services are varied: for example, we can offer transport in open or enclosed trailers, depending on what you prefer, and we have an express auto transport service, which means that your vehicle can be picked up within 24 hours of making a shipping request. For more details on all the options we can offer you, just check out our Services page. For the overseas portion, we collaborate with the leader in Pacific shipping, Matson Navigation. Many car shipping companies will get cars to Hawaii in a time span that can reach as much as a month and a half. Because we are partners with Matson, we can shorten that time to as little as three weeks.

What about the Price to Ship from Rhode Island to Hawaii?

If you want to know our Rhode Island to Hawaii auto transport rate, we suggest that you complete the quote form on our homepage, and all the information you need before placing an order will be sent to you. What we can promise before having further details from you regarding the shipment is that shipping with Matson will be a lot cheaper if we intermediate the request. You can save $100 dollars by working with us, since this sum will be taken off the price Matson publicly offers, just because you decided to ship through us. What on Earth are you waiting for? Call American Auto Move today at (888) 201-2370 for more information about Rhode Island to Hawaii auto transport!