Ship a Car from Rhode Island To Connecticut

When Time Is Money: Finding the Rhode Island to Connecticut Auto Transport Service That Fits Your Business

When your business needs to move vehicles from Rhode Island to Connecticut, it’s our business to help.

Even though Rhode Island is such a tiny state and Connecticut is right next door, traffic congestion can make it very inefficient for you to move a car by driving it, or by paying an employee to drive it for you. And even without traffic, driving can still take significant time out of a workday, depending on where you are going. The 140 miles from Providence to Stamford, for example, would take over 2 hours even in perfect conditions.

What Are Your Rhode Island to Connecticut Auto Transport Carrier Options

There are two types of carriers that are generally used to transport cars and other vehicles, and which one you will need will depend on the vehicle in question. It will also affect the price of the move:

Open carrier. This is the standard type of auto transport carrier often seen on the road. It provides a little less protection but is much more cost-effective. It is the best choice for transporting the typical personal vehicle or fleet car from Rhode Island to Connecticut.

Enclosed carrier. This type of carrier protects your car from the weather and any road debris. It is also more expensive since fewer vehicles can fit in an enclosed carrier. This type of carrier would be the right choice if you are transporting an antique or luxury car.

How to Get Your Money’s Worth?

Rhode Island to Connecticut car shipping costs can add up, especially if you need the service very often. At American Auto Move, we consistently provide the best value in Rhode Island to Connecticut auto shipping. Custom pricing (so you don’t pay more just because some other customer’s transport costs us more than yours does), high volume and long-established relationships are just some of the ways we accomplish this.

But you should not take our word for it. Get some quotes from some of the other Rhode Island to Connecticut car shipping companies and see for yourself.

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