Ship a Car from Rhode Island to Arizona

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Hire American Auto Move from Rhode Island to Arizona

Would you rather drive for 41 hours just to move your vehicle from Rhode Island to Arizona, or would you rather let a professional car shipping company do the job for you and save you all that trouble?

Traffic has gotten to be a major problem in this country, to the point that it is nearly impossible to drive a significant distance between states and not be caught multiple traffic jams. Add to that unpredictable nature of the weather, and driving more than 2,500 miles across the country becomes quite an undertaking, not without significant risks.

But if you hire a car shipping company from Rhode Island to Arizona then you will not need to worry about any of that.

How Can You Find the Best Company to Ship Your Car from Rhode Island to Arizona?

The internet and the media are full of companies that offer expensive or cheap vehicle shipping from Rhode Island to Arizona. You could contact some of them and ask them for quotes detailing the services they provide and the price they would charge to transport your vehicle.

With American Auto Move, though, all these worries about services, prices and type of transportation are over, since we provide you with all of these in a much more professional approach. Since we are the leading car shipping company in the entire United States, we are proud to offer our customers unique professional services, the necessary technical support and assistance, insurance on the transportation, state of the art surveillance systems during relocation from Rhode Island to Arizona and excellent prices with no extra fees.

What Are the Auto Shipping Costs from Rhode Island to Arizona with American Auto Move?

Our auto transport prices vary depending on such factors as the type of transportation required, whether you choose an open or an enclosed carrier, the distance of the move and of course the size and weight of your car. But in almost all cases, the cost of hiring American Auto Move to transport a vehicle is less than the cost of driving the car yourself.

If you would like us to give you a quote for transporting your vehicle, please visit our website at Or you can also call us at (888) 201-2370, and customer service representative would be happy to give you a quote for moving your car from Rhode Island to Arizona.