Ship a Car from Puerto Rico To Wisconsin

Work with the Best Puerto Rico to Wisconsin Vehicle Shipping Service Contract American Auto Move

If you need to get your car from Puerto Rico to Wisconsin, you can count on us. American Auto Move will get your precious vehicle to the destination quickly, safely and for the lowest price in the business. Our network and logistics system enable us to ship almost any type of vehicle be it a high-end or show car, a large truck, a valuable classic car, an SUV or a boat, it will enjoy royal treatment on its way to Wisconsin.

Many companies encounter difficulties when faced with an order that involves road transport and overseas shipping as well, but not American Auto Move: your Wisconsin shipment will be just as smooth as if you were taking your car to the next town.

Benefit from Finest Shipping Service in the U. S.

Our Puerto Rico to Wisconsin car shipping plans are among the best, most appreciated services in the entire industry. You can choose from a wide range of flexible and diverse services we will give you the best solution for your car and for your budget as well.

We offer several different choices when it comes to carrier platforms. We work with open and enclosed carriers alike open platforms are the standard for average vehicles, while enclosed carriers are usually the preferred choice for special or sensitive vehicles.

We offer you a choice when it comes to the place where you want to get your vehicle loaded on our truck. With door-to-door shipping, we will load your vehicle on our trailer at a place specified by you, but you can bring the vehicle to us, if that works for you better.

We are the best shipping company when it comes to turnaround times, too. Our extended driver and hauler network makes it possible for us to get anywhere in record times. Standard services offer pick-up within 2-4 days, while the express services available for cities guarantee 24-hour turnaround.

All our plans include non-stop GPS vehicle tracking, so now you can check on your car as it is drawing closer and closer to its destination.

How Much Is It to Move a Car from Puerto Rico to Wisconsin?

Our services are not only varied, but also very cheap. Due to the size of our network we can not only get anywhere quickly, but it also enables us to negotiate the best auto transport rate without compromising service quality.

Obtaining a Quote

You can see for yourself that our offer is indeed the best. You can get your free quote by submitting your request via our website or you can call us at (888) 201-2370 and find out everything down to the smallest details regarding Puerto Rico to Wisconsin vehicle shipping.