Ship a Car from Puerto Rico To Vermont

Moving a Car from Puerto Rico to Vermont Has Never Been Easier the Top-Notch Services of American Auto Move

If you need a flexible, affordable, safe and reliable car shipping service to move your vehicle from Puerto Rico to Vermont, dont look any further: American Auto Move will get your vehicle to the destination quickly, safely and for the best prices.

Why Choose Auto Shipping Instead of Getting the Vehicle to Vermont Yourself?

Because it is incomparably more comfortable. The Puerto-Rico-Vermont route involves not only road travel, but overseas shipping as well, making travel arrangements complicated and expensive. We, on the other hand, work with drivers from all over the country and we specialize in sea cargo as well, which means that we can easily get to your car in Puerto Rico, load it and deliver it to the destination in record times.

We can also guarantee that your car will enjoy the best care all the way to Vermont: our enclosed car shipping carrier options will protect your special, sensitive vehicle against any external impacts while it is in our care, while our open haulers work best for standard vehicles.

We provide diverse options in terms of pick-up and delivery methods as well: with door-to-door services, you can hand over the vehicle right at the address you give us, but if you prefer to take your vehicle to one of our hubs, you can benefit from terminal shipping as well.

Quick Standard Plans and Expedited Transport Packages

We are one of the largest transport services in the US, which allows us to be one of the fastest car shipping companies as well. With our standard services, you can get your vehicle on the road within 2-4 days of confirming your order and we also provide 24-hour shipping for metro areas in Puerto Rico.

Online Vehicle Tracking

We know how stressful it can be to lose sight of your vehicle for days, thats why we have developed an online tracking system you can log into 24/7 and check to see where your car is at the moment.

How Much Does It Cost to get a Vehicle from Puerto Rico to Vermont?

The distance from Puerto Rico to Vermont is more than 2,000 miles and it involves travelling overseas as well. The costs of such a trip are huge: besides the food, fuel and accommodation, you would also have to arrange for the port-to-port shipping of your car and get back home by plane. If you hire us, you can avoid all these expenses with our favorable, one-way rates.

How to Get Started

Getting a free quote is easier than ever. Send us your request via our website or call us at (888) 201-2370 and we will prepare the best Puerto Rico to Vermont vehicle shipping quote for you.