Ship a Car from Puerto Rico To Ohio

Puerto Rico to Ohio Vehicle Shipping Best Handled by American Auto Move

Do you need a quick and convenient auto shipping method to move your vehicle from Puerto Rico to Ohio? Our transport services here at American Auto Move have been designed exactly for you: we can offer you cheap auto transport with the shortest turnaround times, on the most modern carrier vehicles.

Here is our offer in more detail:

Versatile Auto Shipping Carrier Solutions That Will Exceed Your Expectations

Choose us and we will ship your vehicle, whatever it is, from Puerto Rico to Ohio under the best conditions. We work with open and enclosed haulers, the former being the most suitable for standard vehicles, while the latter being more frequently chosen for classic or high-end cars that cannot withstand changing weather conditions or bumpy roads.

Varied Loading and Delivery Options

Our services offer you a choice when it comes to pick-up and delivery locations, too. Direct services can load your vehicle right in front of your door and unload it exactly at the address you specify, but if you find it more convenient to bring your vehicle to us, you can use one of our terminal or port-to-port shipping packages.

Quick Standard Solutions and Express Options

The pick-up times we practice with our standard services range between 2-4 days, making us much faster than our competitors. If you are even more in a hurry and we can pick up your car from a metro area in Puerto Rico, choose an express service and get the vehicle loaded by the next day.

24/7 Vehicle Monitoring

We have included permanent vehicle tracking into all our plans free of charge. After you confirm your order, you will receive access to the GPS surface that shows you exactly where your car is.

How Much Is It to Get a Vehicle from Puerto Rico to Ohio?

We are way more affordable than the costs of getting your car all the way to the destination yourself. If you were to cover the almost 2,000 miles that separate the two states, you would need to pay not only for food and fuel for the road, but also for an overseas shipping service to get your car to the mainland. With us, on the other hand, all you need to pay is our favorable rate, nothing else.

Ask for a Quote and see for Yourself Right Away!

Contact us at (888) 201-2370 and talk to one of our shipping experts or send us the quote form on our website, and we will compile the best, most detailed, highly personalized quote for your Puerto Rico to Ohio car shipping needs within minutes.