Ship a Car from Puerto Rico To North Dakota

Vehicle Shipping from Puerto Rico to North Dakota Easy and Convenient with American Auto Move

Are you looking for a comfortable and convenient method to move a vehicle over the almost 2,900 miles of land and water that link Puerto Rico to North Dakota? We are here at your service. American Auto Move is your ultimate expert in shipping vehicles in and out of the Peace Garden State let us take care of your shipment for you and enjoy the comfort of state-of-the-art vehicle transport.

Why Are Our Puerto Rico to North Dakota Services the Very Best?

We work with the most experienced drivers and the best shipping platforms available. Our intricate, yet very efficient transport system allows us to diversify our shipping plans to cater for all your requirements:

- Our door to door, port to port and terminal shipping solutions allow our clients to leave and receive their vehicles where it is the most comfortable for them.

- The services we provide are the quickest in the business. Our standard pick-up times range between 2-4 days, while expedited services can load your vehicle within 24 hours from metro areas if you are faced with an emergency.

- You can choose the vehicle shipping carrier that works best for your budget and your cargo enclosed haulers are best for sensitive, special vehicles, while open platforms are more suited for standard cars.

24/7 Vehicle Tracking with Every Plan

All our services include a special option for free. We provide all our clients free access to our online transport monitoring interface where you can log in to follow your cars progress.

How Much Is It to Move a Vehicle from Puerto Rico to North Dakota?

Taking on the lengthy journey all the way to North Dakota is not only complex, exhausting and time-consuming, but also very expensive. Overseas shipping, hotel fees, meals, fuel, return tickets all need to be included into the cost calculation, the final sum rising way over $1,000. If you hire us to ship your car, we will calculate the most favorable fees for you, allowing you to save considerably on shipping costs.

Get a Free Quote Now and Check Our Offer

Your free car shipping quote is just minutes away. Call us at (888) 201-2370 or fill out and submit the quote form on our website. Just give us a few details of your transport needs and we will get back to you within a few minutes with the most favorable quote for Puerto Rico to North Dakota auto shipping.