Ship a Car from Puerto Rico To New Hampshire

How to Prepare for Puerto Rico to New Hampshire Vehicle Shipping

Despite popular belief, actually hiring a Puerto Rico to New Hampshire vehicle shipping carrier is not the only aspect that requires your attention before handing your car over to the shippers.

While the company will handle all the necessary tasks associated with delivering the vehicle, it is the job of the owner to properly wash and prepare the car for the move, accounting for all the small but important tasks that will minimize all potential in-transit problems.

The Importance of Preparation Tasks

Many people tend to just ask how much does it cost to transport a car from Puerto Rico to New Hampshire without really worrying about anything else. The truth is, however, that you have a lot of other aspects to consider aside from the price such as the preparation needed prior to the shippers even arriving.

Following are a few of the most important of these preparation tasks required before handing in your vehicle, as well as the reasons why they are needed:

  • First of all, the car should be washed thoroughly, and you also need to remove or secure any personal items, as well as loose objects that could fall off during the move. These simple but necessary tasks are needed to make the vehicle more manageable while its being moved.
  • Make sure the car is fully functional. This means the battery should be fully charged, all the fluids need to be in good order, and all the tires have to be properly inflated. Also, to keep the car mobile and light at the same time, consider reducing fuel levels to about 1/8-1/4 of a full tank.
  • Finally, before your Puerto Rico to New Hampshire vehicle shipping carrier arrives, prepare a detailed list of all the functional issues and damages, as well as any steps necessary for starting or stopping the vehicle, if they involve anything more than standard operation.

A Truly Helpful Shipping Service

Its a good idea to know exactly how to prepare your vehicle for the move, but for the best possible results, you have to find a proficient transport company that knows exactly how to assist you.

At American Auto Move, that is precisely what we have to offer. Our experienced shippers and drivers know everything there is to know about moving a car, and they can provide you with tips and advice on any of the details associated with your vehicle transport order.

If you want the very best shipping service and an affordable vehicle shipping rate from Puerto Rico to New Hampshire, contact us today to place your order and benefit from an exceptionally fast and convenient process through which your vehicle will be delivered safely to its destination.