Ship a Car from Puerto Rico To Minnesota

Ship Your Car from Puerto Ricoto Minnesota with American Auto Move You Will Be Glad You Did!

Do you need to relocate from Puerto Ricoto Minnesota and take one or more cars along with you? Then youre in the right place: American Auto Move is the top vehicle transport company in the USA, with tens of thousands of cars shipped every single day of the year, all across the States. Even shipments to and from relatively remote places such as Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico are just another days work for us. So if you want to move a car from Puerto Rico all the way to distant Minnesota, were here to help.

Not only that, but if you happen to be in active military service stationed at Fort Buchanan perhaps we would like to say thank you for your service and dedication. We offer a flat discount to all active servicemen and women, no matter your car shipping order. Moreover, we promise to transport your car to any military base in the USA, no matter how far away or remote. Its the least we can do.

Plenty to choose from

Well help you choose between direct auto transport and terminal shipping, based on your specific needs. Direct shipping is by far more convenient, with your car being picked up and dropped off wherever you want (usually your home), but its more expensive and in rare situations cannot be done. Terminal shipping on the other hand is where you take the car to one of our terminals, leave it there, and then pick it up from another terminal near your destination. Its not quite as convenient, but can be as much as 50% cheaper.

No need to worry about the price

Now, you might be thinking to yourself that hiring a Puerto Ricoto Minnesota auto transport service is expensive. But the alternative would be to try and move it yourself, to arrange for overseas transport and everything else yourself, and that would end up being far more expensive. We here at American Auto Move pride ourselves on offering the lowest rates in the car shipping business guaranteed.

So how much does it cost to ship a car fromPuerto Rico to Minnesota? The single best way to find out the exact price is to fill out the handy quote form on the right hand side of this page. One of our shipping representatives will contact you in a matter of minutes with your very own personalized quote. Get started on moving your car from Puerto Ricoto Minnesota today, with American Auto Move!