Ship a Car from Puerto Rico To Illinois

Getting Your Car from Puerto Rico to Illinois Efficient and Affordable Services by American Auto Move

If you want your vehicle transported from Puerto Rico to Illinois, our great, efficient services are at your disposal. The distance between the two states exceeds 2,000 miles and it implies not only driving, but overseas transport as well, making the journey even more difficult. The industry-leading services of American Auto Move not only provide cheap car shipping, but they are also offer diverse car shipping carrier options with very short turnarounds.

How Much Is It to Transport a Car from Puerto Rico to Illinois?

We offer the best, pro-rated shipping prices. With us, you will see that vehicle transport is no longer a luxury it is a reasonable decision that protects your car and offers you cost-efficient transport options.

Getting your car from Puerto Rico to Illinois yourself can take you weeks and it will imply extensive arrangements and high costs. If you let us handle your shipment, all you will have to pay is the favorable car shipping rate we calculate for you.

Versatile Carrier Options

American Auto Move will treat your car with love and care, just like you would. The standard, open haulers we work with are more suitable for standard vehicles, while our enclosed platforms work best for special vehicles that cannot endure the impact of the weather or the road.

Comfortable Pick-Up Options

American Auto Move loads your vehicle wherever it is the most comfortable for you. With direct plans your car will be picked up at the specified address, while terminal shipping options load cars from our hubs.

Fast Shipping with Standard Services and Expedited Shipments for Emergency Situations

Whichever service you choose, you can be sure it will be as fast as possible. We know that you are always pressed for time, thats why we have introduced an express shipping service that will pick up your vehicle within 24 hours provided we can get to it in a metro area. Our standard plans guarantee vehicle pick-up within 2-4 days.

Get Your Quick Quote Right Away

Obtaining your free quote now is simple and quick, just like our services. You can submit your order by filling out the Quick Quote form on our website or contacting us over the phone at (888) 201-2370 – one of our shipping specialists will readily answer all your questions about the shipment of your vehicle from Puerto Rico to Illinois.