Ship a Car from Puerto Rico To Idaho

Hassle-Free, Cheap Vehicle Shipping from Puerto Rico to Idaho with the Nations Best Service: American Auto Move

Puerto Rico to Idahoauto transport is a complex and challenging task. We like challenges and we consider the route to be one of our priorities, so if you need to move your car from the Isle of Enchantment to the Gem State, we guarantee the best service. We have developed a quick, safe, efficient and affordable transport system that caters for all requirements with American Auto Move, you can be sure your precious vehicle will be in the best hands.

Hire the Best Auto Transport Service American Auto Move

We have accumulated long and vast experience in shipping vehicles on the Puerto Rico to Idaho route. Over the years, we’ve managed to develop a state-of-the-art transport system that offers flexibility and efficiency to all our clients.

The large network we work with allows us to offer you the shipping vehicle that best suits your needs:

- our enclosed carriers will protect special cars like luxury vehicles from the vicissitudes of the weather;

- our open trailers will get your vehicle to Idaho fast, for the lowest rates possible.

We work only with the best haulers and drivers, which makes it possible to reduce shipping times. Our standard services take about 2-4 days to load a vehicle, while express services your car can be loaded within 24 hours provided we can get to it in one of the cities of Puerto Rico.

You also have a choice when it comes to pick-up locations: direct services load your car in front of your door, while terminal and port-to-port options are also available.

As a valuable addition, we have included 24/7 online vehicle monitoring into every plan free of charge, so that you can know how your car progresses at all times.

What Is the Price to Move a Vehicle from Puerto Rico to Idaho?

Given our size, we can practice the best prices, reducing your car shipping costs to a great extent. If you calculate the costs of arranging for overseas shipment yourself and then driving your vehicle to Idaho, you will realize that our services are not only much more convenient, but also cheaper.

Getting a Free Quote Right Away

Getting a quote from us is free and takes only a few minutes. Just fill out the form on our website’s sidebar or call us at (888) 201-2370, and we will tell you everything you want to know about Puerto Rico to Idaho vehicle shipping.