Ship a Car from Puerto Rico To Colorado

Overseas Auto Shipping Done Right Puerto Rico to Colorado Professional Auto Transport Services

The best way to have your car moved from Puerto Rico to Colorado is by using a car shipping service, that is for sure. There are many companies that deal with maritime auto transport and many more that provide car shipping services on land. American Auto Move gives you both! We have partnered with Matson Navigation for overseas transportation and our services on land are well known all over the country. The only way to convince yourself that we are the best auto shipping company from Puerto Rico to Colorado it to hire us.

Use Express Auto Transport to Ship your Car from Puerto Rico to Colorado in the Shortest time Possible

American Auto Move has designed the express shipping service for the extreme situations in which you need your car moved from one place to the other as soon as possible. The service is twice as fast as normal open shipping transportation for the simple reason that it uses two drivers instead of one. As drivers are not allowed to drive more than 8 hours per day, a team made up of two drivers will drive twice as much, thus cutting the normal shipping period in half. Another advantage for using express auto transport from Puerto Rico to Colorado, more specifically from a Matson port to Colorado, is the fact that the driver will be always rested. Tired drivers put their lives in danger and the lives of other traffic participants, as well. But when using a team of drivers, you can be sure that they are well rested when behind the wheel. So if you want your car to arrive at the destination as soon as possible, use express auto transport for the on land segment from Puerto Rico to Colorado.

How to Prepare for Car Shipping from Puerto Rico to Colorado

American Auto Move insures you vehicle during transportation. This is the reason why, before loading it on one of our carriers, we perform a pre-shipping inspection. In order that this process goes smoothly, we advise you to wash the exterior of your car, so any scratches or dents could be easily observed. We also recommend you take all personal goods from the car, to avoid being in violation of rules concerning the transport of goods.

Visit our web site l and place an order for your auto transport needs from Puerto Rico to Colorado, and see that we also take the shortest time processing the orders!