Ship a Car from Puerto Rico To Arkansas

Use a Professional Service When Shipping Your Car from Puerto Rico to Arkansas

Anyone will say it is not an easy job moving your car from Puerto Rico to Arkansas, with almost 2,000 miles on land and water between the two points. However, with only a few clicks, you can arrange for this job to be done, if you choose the best car shipping company from Puerto Rico to Arkansas American Auto Move. We are a company with many years of experience and with many satisfied customers, and moving your car on this route will be yet another job well done.

What Options Are There When Using a Car Shipping Service from Puerto Rico to Arkansas?

When moving your car from Puerto Rico to Arkansas there are two types of car shipping services that you will be using: port to port auto transport and port to door transportation. American Auto Move provides both services at affordable prices and top quality standards. For the overseas orders we use Matson Navigation, the well known leader in maritime transportation.

Your car will be moved from Puerto Rico to one of the Matson ports on the mainland in the best possible conditions and at the most competitive rates. From there, your car will be loaded on one of our haulers and brought to your door. There is no other way to move your car from Puerto Rico to Arkansas in a shorter period of time.

On land, American Auto Move offers you the possibility to choose between open car shipping and enclosed auto transport. The latter is mostly used by the owners of high end vehicles, so, if you need to ship such a car, you will want to use an enclosed, climate controlled trailer. If you have a regular car and you are looking for cheap auto shipping from Puerto Rico to Arkansas, choose the standard transportation with open trailer. Whether you choose one service or the other, your car will be handled with care by a team of professional drivers.

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Go to our web site – - and fill in the quote form to see exactly how much you will have to pay for the shipping service you choose. Our calculations are very accurate, and there will be no extra charge to the final price if you hire us to move your car from Puerto Rico to Arkansas.