Ship a Car from Puerto Rico To Alabama

Professional Transportation from Puerto Rico to Alabama

Relocating your car from Puerto Rico to Alabama may be harder than it seems. Although there are lots of transport companies in the US, not all of them are able to provide complete auto shipping. In order to deliver your automobile from Puerto Rico to Alabama, you need two types of transport: a ferry for the water route and a hauler for terrestrial shopping.

Do You Have a Pretentious Vehicle?

If you have a particular car which needs special attention in order to be transported, you need to book the appropriate type of auto shipping from Puerto Rico to Alabama. There are nearly 1,500 miles between the two states. By plane, you can travel this distance in less than 3 hours, but, if you are taking the car, you should expect to spend several days on the road. Contracting a convenient vehicle shipping service from Puerto Rico to Alabama is the best thing you can do. Not only will you save time, but you will also save energy and money.

Are You Looking for a Car Relocation Quote from Puerto Rico to Alabama?

If you are looking for cheap auto transport, American Auto Move is the company you need. We offer the perfect service for your pretentious car:

For water transportation, we have the ferries of our partner, Matson Navigation, able to ship your car to any part of the world.

For the highway routes, we offer you a place in our enclosed Puerto Rico to Alabama auto transport trailers. This type of hauler is suitable for convertible cars or low profile vehicles, which need extra protection against road debris and bad weather.

Call us today at (888) 201-2370and ask our agents about our offers. Also, you can find us online by visiting our web page at At American Auto Move, we are not afraid of the competitors, so feel free to compare our quotes whenever you want. Our professionalism and promptitude have gained the trust of over ten thousand customers every year.

If you want to become one of them and book a transport to and from any part of the country, no matter how far the locations are, we have the resources and logistics to fulfill your request. Use the quote form or our homepage or email us at and we will provide all the answers you need. Delivering your car from Puerto Rico to Alabama has never been so simple.