Ship a Car from Pennsylvania to Washington

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If You Need Pennsylvania to Washington Vehicle Shipping, Hire the Best – Hire American Auto Move

The distance from Pennsylvania to Washington is only about 180 miles, but if you need to cover all this distance only to relocate a vehicle, the trip can become a burden that you don’t need. Hiring a great car shipping company to get your vehicle to the destination is not only quicker than driving there by yourself, but it is also cheaper and much more convenient.

Why Choose American Auto Move?

We provide services of equally high quality on short and long distances alike. All our Pennsylvania to Washington services have the lowest rates for the highest level of service, so let’s see a few details that make us the best auto shipping company in the entire nation:

  • We will pick up your vehicle from where it is the most comfortable for you. You can choose to meet our driver in front of you house or you can bring your vehicle to one of our hubs.
  • We will provide the optimal carrier solution for you, allowing you to choose between open and enclosed carriers.
  • We will pick up your vehicle faster than most our competitors. Our standard services provide 2-4 days pick-up times, while our express services available for cities guarantee 24-hour pick-up.
  • With our online GPS tracking service available free of charge, you can receive accurate information on the whereabouts of your vehicle any time of the day – all you need is a computer with access to the internet.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car from Pennsylvania to Washington?

Even though you may consider the distance between the two states relatively short, the savings you can make by hiring us for the transport job can be significant. If you choose us, you will not have to pay for the fuel or for your trip back home and you will not have to spend long hours in traffic when you probably have a million better things to do.

Get Your Free Quote within Minutes and See for Yourself

You can very easily see what we offer with your own eyes. All you have to do is call us at (888) 201-2370 or send us your request via our quick quote form, and our Pennsylvania to Washington transport specialists will compile an offer for you that will exceed your expectations.