Ship a Car from Pennsylvania to Texas

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Convenient Auto Transport from Pennsylvania to Texas – What Makes American Auto Move the Best

If you are relocating from beautiful Pennsylvania to Texas and you are looking for a reliable auto shipping company to get your vehicle to the Lone Star State, look no further: American Auto Move is the best partner you can choose. We can provide you with the best shipping service, completely tailored to your needs and we can also give you the best vehicle shipping rate – with us, you get the most bang for your buck.

Get the Best Service Money Can Buy

We are permanently improving the quality of our service, allowing us to stay far ahead of our competition. We are continuously extending our network of drivers and haulers so that you can find exactly the type of transportation you need for your vehicle:

  • Our open carriers are the most popular transport solutions if you own a standard vehicle.
  • Enclosed carriers are more suitable for special, classic cars or other high-end vehicles that are not made for covering long distances on varied terrain and changeable weather conditions.
  • With American Auto Move you can hand over and receive your vehicle the way you want: we provide door-to-door shipping, terminal shipping and port-to-port shipping.

Get the Fastest Service Money Can Buy

American Auto Move has drivers all over the country and this extended carrier pool allows us to get your vehicle from Pennsylvania to Texas in record time. We take 2-4 days to get to your vehicle, and our delivery times are also the shortest in the industry. If you need to get your vehicle shipped by yesterday, we can do that, too: with our expedited services we can load your car on one of our haulers within 24 hours.

What is the Price of Transporting a Vehicle from Pennsylvania to Texas?

The high number of the drivers we work with and the large volume of transport we handle make it possible to negotiate prices from a favorable position and to give you the best vehicle shipping price possible. If you calculate the expenses of driving 1,600 miles to Texas, and then getting back home without a car, you will see that with us you can save not only energy and time, but a great deal of money as well.

Are You Interested? Get a Free Quote Right Away!

If you find our offer attractive, you can find out all the details of our transport services within a few minutes. You can contact us on the phone at (888) 201-2370 or you can get an instant quote into your inbox by filling in the form on our sidebar. Don’t hesitate: ask for a quote right away and see how great and affordable our Pennsylvania to Texas shipping services are.