Ship a Car from Pennsylvania To Oregon

Open Car Shipping from Pennsylvania to Oregon

The distance from Pennsylvania to Oregon is of around 2,800 miles, depending on your departure point and on the destination. There is no doubt that driving your car for such a long distance is very tiresome. Just think about the fact that it will take you almost two days to get to Oregon. Although driving is fun, things are very different when it comes to long distances, and hiring a Pennsylvania to Oregon auto shipping company is a good choice.

Advantages of Hiring Experienced Companies to Transport Your Vehicle

When driving for long distances, you cannot avoid the wearing and potential damage of your car. Keeping your vehicle safe and perfectly functional is much better, so, when you need to transport your car from Pennsylvania to Oregon, why not hire professional drivers to do it for you?

Covering so many miles behind the wheel will definitely take you a lot of time. As a matter of fact, you need almost two days to get to your destination. Even if you can afford to lose these two days, there are certainly other things you would rather do. If this is the case, a Pennsylvania to Oregon vehicle shipping company can help you make the most out of those two days and still get your car to destination.

More than that, this helpful practice allows you to choose how you want your car to be transported. Most companies in the field offer several types of transportation services, depending on your needs.

Convenient Pennsylvania to Oregon Car Shipping Services

As mentioned above, driving your car from Pennsylvania to Oregon is an inefficient decision, especially when there are so many services you can choose from. Here, at American Auto Move, we have many options for you.

For example, with open car transportation you can get great service at reasonable costs. Most of our customers opt for this type of shipping because it is one of the most affordable and still safe solutions.

As the name suggests, we use an open trailer to transport your vehicle to destination. Compared to enclosed car transportation, an open service is almost 50% cheaper. More than that, it is also more flexible.

Besides, open vehicle transportation is almost as safe as its enclosed version. The difference is that the former solution is much more widely available and it is also cheaper. This type of service is used for transporting several cars at the same time, which explains the better rates.

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