Ship a Car from Pennsylvania to North Carolina

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No Matter How Much Your Car Is Worth, We Have the Right Solution for Shipping It from Pennsylvania to North Carolina

When you need to move your car from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, you have a number of options to choose from depending on the car’s value, the number of vehicles you need to transport, road conditions, weather, etc.

The Pros and Cons of Open Transport

Open transport is the most common method customers use to have their vehicles shipped over longer distances, such as the trip from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, which measures almost 400 miles. Open transport is the industry standard.

Many car dealers ask us for this type of transportation since our open carriers can accommodate 10 to 20 automobiles at a time. Open transport is an inexpensive option for the Pennsylvania to North Carolina run, and it is generally used for everyday vehicles of average value. This is because there is some risk of damage along the way because of the possibility of debris in the road or extreme weather conditions.

Why Does Enclosed Pennsylvania to North Carolina Auto Transport Service Cost More?

For customers who are concerned about the risks involved in open transport, we also offer enclosed transport. Although it is the more expensive alternative, this option is preferred by customers who need to move luxury cars, rare or authentically restored antique automobiles and other specialty vehicles, since of course these vehicles have such a higher value than regular cars and trucks.

An enclosed transport is able to carry only four cars at a time, and this is the reason for the cost difference.

If you have an car, truck, or SUV in Pennsylvania that needs to in to North Carolina, whether you need open or enclosed transport, call us or go online for an auto transport quote from Pennsylvania to North Carolina.

How to Get in Touch with Us

American Auto Move is one of the best car shipping companies from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, and has established itself as a top vehicle transportation service provider in this extremely competitive industry.

Not sure whether your auto needs the protection of enclosed transport? Visit our website at for more information about our open and enclosed carriers. Or feel free call us at (888) 201-2370 and speak to a customer service representative who can answer any questions you may have about your vehicle’s move from Pennsylvania to North Carolina.