Ship a Car from Pennsylvania to California

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Choose American Auto Move to Ship Your Car from Pennsylvania to California!

American Auto Move is the best auto transport company to ship your car from Pennsylvania to California! Our car shipping service is the most reliable one on the market, and this explains why so many customers choose us as their personal auto transport carrier every time they travel across the USA. With American Auto Move, you can rest assured your car is safe and will be transported to the destination on time. Contact our representatives today and enjoy outstanding auto shipping!

Why Go for Auto Transport at All?

When traveling or relocating to another state, nothing stops you from driving your car to the destination. However, driving yourself to California implies spending a long time on the roads, and making huge efforts (after the direct distance alone is close to 2,300 miles.)

You can avoid the boredom and waste of time by hiring a Pennsylvania to California auto transport carrier. By choosing car shipping over driving, you save time and enjoy a comfortable trip in your plane seat. What is more, you also save money, as hiring a transport company can be a few hundred dollars cheaper than the costs you will be faced with if you drive yourself.

How Much Does it Cost to Transport a Vehicle from Pennsylvania to California?

Now that you see the benefits of car shipping, you are probably searching for the most affordable auto transport service. Guess what? You have found already it! We, at American Auto Move, offer the best auto transport rates in the industry. Our service is cheap, but professional. Contact our company at (888) 201-2370 or through our website, and find out exactly how much it costs to move your car to California. Just fill in the details of the move on our online form, and, before you know it, our specialists will send you a free car shipping quote.

The benefits of choosing American Auto Move

If you decide to ship your car to California, do it with the best car shipping company available – American Auto Move. Our service is completely safe and extremely affordable. We offer varied auto transport solutions, so it does not matter what type of car you own or how you want it shipped, because we do it all.

Choose American Auto Move, because you will enjoy excellent car shipping from Pennsylvania to California!