Ship a Car from Oregon to Hawaii

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You Need Your Car Shipped From Oregon To Hawaii? We Can Surely Help You

If you need to have your car shipped from Oregon to Hawaii, you are in the right place. We will take your car safely to its destination, faster than other similar services would and at a lower cost. We make shipments to a large number of ports, including Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Guam. Shipping to Hawaii is however one of the most frequent requests we receive, so you will be glad to know that we have solid experience when it comes to this destination. We can pick up your car at a date of your choosing, and it will reach Hawaii in roughly three weeks, while most similar services will deliver your car in as much as a month and a half.

Why use American Auto Move?

The best reason for shipping with us is that we are experienced with such tasks and have always taken the vehicles that we were entrusted with safely to the destination. You also have the chance to track the car online – and this is a service that we can provide you with 24/7, at no additional cost! The fact that we collaborate with Matson for shipping across the Pacific is probably something that you will be glad to hear. As you know it, Matson is recognized as a leader in Pacific shipping and it continuously works to strengthen its ocean transport services. With Matson’s support, you can be even surer that shipping your vehicle from Oregon to Hawaii will be done fast and securely.

What About the Price?

It is natural that you make a comparison between auto transport costs offered by various companies and to hope that you find cheap auto transport from Oregon to Hawaii. If you want to check out the costs of our services, just fill out the quote form on our home page and you will receive the information needed before placing an order. What we can definitely promise you is that, by shipping with us, you will save at least $200.
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