Ship a Car from Oklahoma To Puerto Rico

Leave the 2,200 Miles of Stress and Worries from Oklahoma to Puerto Rico to Us

When you decided where to spend your vacation, it certainly didn’t occur to you that you would need your car with you and the distance from Oklahoma to Puerto Rico

is of over 2,200 miles, half of it represented by water.

It is easy for you and your loved ones to reach destination by plane, but what do you do about your car? Driving is certainly out of the question if you do not want to spend your entire vacation on the road, probably half of it on the ferry! Well, that is where we come in!

You see, at American Auto Move, besides being the most reliable Oklahoma to Puerto Rico

vehicle shipping provider, we are also partners of the best maritime shipping provider, Matson Navigation. This gives us access to all destinations, no matter if we are talking about islands, different continents or ports across the US.

Why Leave the Delivery of Your Car from Oklahoma to Puerto Rico in Our Hands?

You do not really have a choice, because even if you decided to drive, you would still need help for crossing the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. If you hire us from the beginning, you gain several days of vacation, money, and energy, since you do not have to drive, worry or handle paperwork.

More than that, your car will be well taken care of, will not add any wear and tear and will not register any extra mileage. It will basically be like snapping your fingers and seeing it teleported from Oklahoma to Puerto Rico, except that it will all last a little longer, less if you opt for express shipping.

Excellent Prices Just Compare and See for Yourself!

It is hard to believe that such exquisite services can cost so little, but we can afford to do things this way due to the numerous orders we get and to the discount our partner, Matson Navigation, offers to all of our clients, no less than $100.

To see how much shipping your car with us would cost, fill in the details requested by the contact form on our homepage,, and we will send you our Oklahoma to Puerto Rico car shipping rate.

Do not forget to use the rate comparison tool to see for yourself why we are the most appreciated company operating on the route from Oklahoma to Puerto Rico and not only.