Ship a Car from Oklahoma To Connecticut

Choosing the Right Car Carrier for Moving Your Vehicle from Oklahoma to Connecticut

There are two kinds of car carriers that you can have an auto transport company use to ship your car from Oklahoma to Connecticut.

Open and Enclosed Auto Transport Carriers

The usual kind of auto transport carrier is open. You can see the cars tied down securely to the different levels of the carrier. Sometimes, it is a welcome sight to have one of these carriers ahead of you on the highway, because it gives you something different to look at. Oklahoma to Connecticut auto transport companies use open carriers as standard practice for all their regular auto transports, because it costs less.

The other kind of carrier that could be used to ship your vehicle from Oklahoma to Connecticut is an enclosed one. Fewer vehicles can fit in an enclosed carrier, and that is the reason why the cost is higher. It is an unnecessary expense for most vehicles, as even on an open carrier they are much safer than they would be down on the road. But, for specialty vehicles, such as antiques, luxury cars and collectibles, it makes sense to ask your Oklahoma to Connecticut auto transport company to use an enclosed carrier.

A Long Way to Go

How far is it from Oklahoma to Connecticut, anyway? Of course the exact distance depends on the exact locations of your starting and ending points, but in general terms, it is 1,500 to 1,600 miles. To drive that far would take somewhere around 24 hours, even if you did not run into any delays due to traffic, weather or construction.

Pricing the Move

Most people prefer to get an Oklahoma to Connecticut auto transport quote from at least two or three companies before choosing one. You can also talk to customer service representatives to help you decide whether your car requires the extra protection of an enclosed carrier.

Booking the Move

To book your move with American Auto Move or just get more information, you are invited to call us toll-free at (888) 201-2370. Or you can learn about us and book the transport on our website,

Whichever way you choose, we will answer your questions and help you choose only the options that are beneficial for you. With American Auto Move, you can be assured that your car, truck or other vehicle will be in good hands all the way from Oklahoma to Connecticut.