Ship a Car from Ohio to Wisconsin

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Why Drive All by Yourself When You Could Get Your Car Shipped from Ohio to Wisconsin by a Reliable Company?

You could simply avoid driving all those 600 miles from Ohio to Wisconsin by hiring a professional auto transport company. Here, at American Auto Move, we can help you avoid driving so many miles and wasting your time. Let us take care of your car and you will not regret it.

What Exactly Should You Do in Order to Hire Us as Your Vehicle Shipping Company from Ohio to Wisconsin?

All you have to do is to contact us and tell us when and from where you would like us to pick up your car, and when and where to deliver it to you or your contact person. The rest is all a matter of minutes and signatures. Do not think that your car will be driven to destination by someone else. No way! It will be loaded on an auto transport carrier from Ohio to Wisconsin and protected by insurance, just in case the unforeseen happens. This way, your vehicle will be spared of wear and tear and any accident risks will be eliminated.

What Would Be the Price of the Service?

Before estimating how much it would cost you to get your car shipped from Ohio to Wisconsin we need to know the exact distance between your pick up point and destination, as well s the make and model of your car. These last details will also influence the price, since a smaller car will cost less to be shipped than a mini van for example.

Insurance is mandatory and will be included in the final price. That is because, despite our excellent records, we want to make sure that whatever happens on the road from Ohio to Wisconsin, will not affect you. The price will be affordable anyway, probably lower than what driving yourself would cost.

How to Contact Us and Set the Details

In order to answer the preferences of all our potential clients, we have operators answering questions and settling details both online and over the phone. So, no matter what your inquiries are, someone will always be there for you, either on, or at (888) 201-2370 – with us, your car will be practically flown from Ohio to Wisconsin, allowing you to spend time with your loved ones or focus on your business.