Ship a Car from Ohio to Virginia

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The Right Carrier Can Make a Ton of Difference in Shipping Your Car from Ohio to Virginia

Everyone has seen the immense trucks going from Ohio to Virginia, similar to those seen in the car dealerships that are able to carry vehicles back and forth all day; this is the most common method of vehicle shipping. Since there are so many trailers on the road, they represent usually the best way to go.

Why Should You Use an Auto Transport Carrier from Ohio to Virginia?

Enclosed shipping is one alternative you can choose for shipping your car. The safest method to move your car over the 300 miles from Ohio to Virginia is by using an enclosed container. However, this method of car shipping is much more expensive since we cannot transport as many vehicles at a time this way. We recommend enclosed transport only for luxury, classic or exotic automobiles that should not be exposed to the weather.

What Are the Auto Transport Costs from Ohio to Virginia?

Many vehicle shipping companies offer door-to-door services. This method is quite affordable, and is also more convenient for the customers, as they do not have to worry about taking the vehicles to the terminal. The carrier truck simply arrives at your residence ready to load your car or truck for transport.

The driver will carefully examine your automobile for any scratches, dents or dings that may be on it and for other things that are pertinent in shipping your car. The verification is done in order to establish the exact condition of the car, because any fresh scratch or dent that may appear during the shipping process from Ohio to Virginia will be at the transporter’s liability.

The terminal-to-terminal option is not like door-to-door service. In terminal-to-terminal shipping, you must take your vehicle to the terminal to be loaded onto the Ohio to Virginia car shipping carrier. Also, you need to be available to pick your car or truck up from the terminal once it gets to Virginia. The price of terminal-to-terminal vehicle shipping is usually lower, but can be offset by storage charges if you are unable to pick up your vehicle at the specified time.

Where to Find a Reliable Carrier

American Auto Move ( has a fleet of car carriers to carry your car, truck, RV, motorcycle, tractor or other vehicle from Ohio to Virginia safely and professionally.