Ship a Car from Ohio To Puerto Rico

Ohio to Puerto Rico Transport Solutions

Have you ever tried taking your car on a trip that involves crossing waters, perhaps covering a longer distance, like the over 1,800 miles from Ohio to Puerto Rico? It is a nightmare no matter how you look at things, because, if the drive itself can be easily put up with, the trip with the ferry will certainly be long and boring, not to mention expensive.

It is a blessing indeed that there are Ohio to Puerto Rico car shipping companies that can take this stress off your shoulders and allow you to resume the whole experience to a comfortable and short plane trip.

What Does Hiring a Specialized Ohio to Puerto Rico Shipping Service Mean?

Just take a look at the following list of benefits and you will be amazed:

Two or three days of your time to enjoy with your loved ones or doing the things you like;

Money, 100$ at least, if you work with American Auto Move;

Peace of mind, provided by the standard insurance and professional services included in each package.

Less fatigue, since you will not have to drive or make any arrangements yourself.

How Is This Possible?

Obviously, the above apply when you work with a licensed and dedicated transport company, one that know all the Ohio to Puerto Rico routes and can ensure the best conditions for your car, like American Auto Move.

We work with professional staff and high end carriers, in compliance with the highest quality standards and regulations in the field. For on water transportation, our clients benefit from $100 starting discount from our partner, Matson Navigation.

Basically, when you hire us, you entrust your car and all the worries related to it to us, and only take your car back at destination, in the same condition you left it. Should a catastrophe happen during the Ohio to Puerto Rico auto shipping, your car is insured, which means you will be compensated for the damage.

Of course, nothing of the kind has happened so far, and we have been on the market for over 3 decades, shipping thousands of cars every year on all the major routes in the US and not only. Read more about our experience and the services we provide browsing our website, and do not forget to fill in the quote form on the left of our homepage in order to find out how much the shipping of your car from Ohio to Puerto Rico would cost.