Ship a Car from North Dakota to Ohio

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Avoid the Cross-Country Drive from North Dakota to Ohio – Get Your Car Shipped with American Auto Move

Our transport experts here at American Auto Move have vast experience in shipping vehicles from North Dakota to Ohio. We transport everything, from motorcycles and standard cars to SUVs and special vehicles, so if you need to get your vehicle to Ohio quickly and efficiently, we are the best vehicle shipping company to work with.

Why Hire American Auto Move

We are not only experienced in shipping from North Dakota to Ohio, but we also have the necessary background to provide your vehicle the best transport conditions. Our qualified, bonded and insured drivers guarantee that your car will get to the destination safely and on time, and, with our varied services, you get to choose the transport option that is best for your budget and your vehicle.

Get Exactly the Service That You Need

Whether you need open or enclosed transport, standard or lightning-fast pick-up and delivery, you can have it all with American Auto Move:

  • Our enclosed haulers provide enhanced protection for special vehicles, while standard carriers will deliver your car to the destination quickly and safely.
  • Being one of the largest vehicle shipping companies in the nation, we can work with shorter turnaround times than other companies.
  • Our standard pick-up time is 2-4 days of placing your request, but we provide express pick-up for metropolitan areas, so we can lift your car within 24 hours if the transport starts from one of the cities in North Dakota.

How Much Does It Cost to Transport a Car from North Dakota to Ohio?

Whether you choose an open or an enclosed carrier, whether you go for standard or expedited shipping options, you can be sure we will give you the best price in the business. If you were to cover the 1,150-mile distance driving your car, you would have to take care of a lot of costly arrangements like food, lodging and fuel, not to mention the travel expenses of the return trip. With American Auto Move, on the other hand, you can save money, energy and, what’s the most valuable, your time.

It Is Easy to Get Started – Get a Free Quote

If we raised your interest, contact us right away. We are available both online and over the phone. If you submit your request by filling and sending our Quick Quote form from the sidebar, we will send your free quote within a few minutes, or you can call us at (888) 201-2370, and our North Dakota to Ohio auto transport specialist will answer all your questions.