Ship a Car from North Carolina to Virginia

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How to Save Money on Car Shipping from North Carolina to Virginia

Car transport services from North Carolina to Virginia are extremely affordable compared to the other methods of moving vehicles, but it can also be an expensive task if you make mistakes beforehand. If you can avoid these mistakes, you can get the best auto shipping rates.

What Type of Car Shipping from North Carolina to Virginia Should You Choose?

Many people just choose an enclosed carrier right away without thinking about whether they actually need it. But the enclosed car carrier is not always your best option. The distance from North Carolina to Virginia could be a short one, since they share a border, or could be over 500 miles, depending on your pickup and drop-off locations.

Choosing an open carrier will help keep your costs down. An enclosed auto shipping carrier from North Carolina to Virginia is normally used only for shipping antique or luxury cars. Otherwise, choose an open auto carrier, since the time and costs of open car shipping are usually significantly less than for transport in an enclosed carrier.

For some customers, terminal-to-terminal shipping is less expensive, while others save more using the door-to-door shipping option. It all depends on your circumstances and your needs.

The price of terminal-to-terminal delivery from North Carolina to Virginia goes up when the customer does not pick up the automobile at the date and time specified. This is because we have to move it to a storage facility and begin charging a storage fee which accrues until the car is picked up. So before you choose the terminal-to-terminal option, be sure you can pick up your vehicle on time.

How Will Insurance Affect the North Carolina to Virginia Vehicle Shipping Rate?

Some customers believe in paying for extra insurance when shipping their vehicles. But unless your case is unusual, this is not necessary, considering the fact that your car is already insured, and is in good hands. At American auto Move we cannot afford to let the customers’ cars become damaged during transport. Our good reputation is essential to our business, and we continue to work hard to maintain it.

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