Ship a Car from North Carolina to Texas

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The Advantages of Hiring American Auto Move for Transporting Your Car from North Carolina to Texas

If you hire American Auto Move to get your vehicle from North Carolina to Texas, you can benefit from the high-quality, affordable services of one of the nation’s most reputable car shipping companies.

Customer service, flexible and efficient shipping plans and great pricing go hand in hand with our services. We transport anything from motorcycles to cars, boats and trucks. Whatever your transport requirements are, we can surely live up to them.

Choosing the Service that Suits All Your Transport Needs

If you choose us to ship your vehicle from North Carolina to Texas, you get to put together your own transport plan by choosing both the car shipping carrier and the shipment time.

If your vehicle is sensitive, you can go for one of our enclosed haulers that will take enhanced care of your vehicle all the way to Texas. If you have a standard car or a less sensitive vehicle, you can choose one of our open platforms that will deliver your car quickly and safely to the destination.

When it comes to shipping times, you can also choose from two types of services. Our standard services offer 2-4 day pick-up, which is about 50% shorter than average pick-up times practiced by other shipping companies, and quick delivery anywhere in the country. If you need an even faster pick-up, our express services offer 24-hour pick-up from metropolitan regions.

Online Vehicle Tracking

All our plans include 24/7 vehicle tracking from our website. We provide you a user name and a password when you confirm your order and you can follow your vehicle’s progress online by accessing your account.

What is the Price of Transporting a Vehicle from North Carolina to Texas?

Both North Carolina and Texas are among the states that give us a very high volume of transport requests, so you can be sure that the quote we give you will be the best. We work with a very large hauler pool and we will leverage our infrastructure to your advantage. This will, save you, not only time and energy, but also money by making vehicle shipping cheaper than driving the vehicle to the destination by yourself.

Getting Started

Have we raised your interest about our services? Find out more by talking to us on the phone at (888) 201-2370 or by requesting a free quotation online. Contact us right away and we will be happy to answer your questions about car shipping from North Carolina to Texas.