Ship a Car from North Carolina to California

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Hire the Best North Carolina to New York Shipping Services for Your Car!

American Auto Move is known as being one of the competitors and most highly qualified auto transport companies in the business, and the reason why is simple — we are the hands-down best for auto shipping in the nation! It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle that you need to transport or where you need to transport it, because so long as you’re using American Auto Move, you’re getting the best auto transport possible. That’s why American Auto Move is chosen as the nation’s best North Carolina to New York auto shipper time and again.

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How to Choose the Right Means of Transport?

Open trailers are the most cost-effective choice of North Carolina to New York auto transport carrier, but they leave the vehicles exposed to the natural elements, no matter if we are talking about rain, snow, ice or heavy winds.

The enclosed carries are smaller, limiting the number and types of vehicles carried at the same time. Often hired for expensive, limited edition cars, they offer protection against all the threats associated with the open shipping, not only on the route from North Carolina to New York, but on any route in the US and across the borders.

Another benefit of the enclosed trailers is that they allow door-to-door delivery, which means that the car is picked up from your home or office and delivered to the exact address you mention, considering that enclosed carriers are smaller and can sneak in better on narrow streets.

However, if your street is really crowded, too narrow, or the roads are very bad, it may be easy to agree on a meeting point and hand over or take over your car from there. It will save you both time and money, and it will save the North Carolina to New York car shipping company’s employees a lot of trouble.

What Are the Car Shipping Costs from North Carolina to New York?

Fundamental in calculating the vehicle shipping rates is the brand, the model and the year of the car you wish to transport. Larger vehicles, such as pickups and SUVs necessitate more room in the trailers, decreasing the number of vehicles that can be transported at the same time from North Carolina to New York or on other routes.

The standard insurance plan most companies offer relies on the value and details of the vehicle. Although it is unlikely for accidents to happen, especially when the shipping is handled by an experienced and reliable company like us, American Auto Move, it is best to cover all risks.

How to Contact Us?

Our site,, offers all the information and contact details you need, so that you understand that our services are the best choice for you and your car, especially since we cover hundreds of other routes, not just the one North Carolina to New York.