Ship a Car from New York to Texas

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The Benefits of Hiring American Auto Move to Transport Your Vehicle from New York to Texas

Covering the 1,750-mile distance from New York to Texas to drop a car in the Lone Star State is exhausting and costly. Hiring a car shipping company to do the job for you makes it much easier to take care of the transport. Hiring American Auto Move to take care of the project adds flexibility, affordability and a number of other great benefits, too.

Why Hire American Auto Move?

We are experts in shipping vehicles in and out of New York. If you trust us to ship your car, you can be absolutely sure that you have hired the best. American Auto Move is a large shipping company with nationwide coverage. This means that we can get anywhere in the country and pick up or deliver your car within the shortest time possible. The size of our company has another benefit when it comes to car shipping with American Auto Move. We can afford to work with only the best drivers and we can provide the most favorable shipping rates.

Versatile and Flexible Services

Working with an extended carrier pool allows us to put together the service package that you need. You get to choose any parameter of your New York to Texas auto shipping from the type of the carrier used to the shipping time.

The two major types of carriers used in auto shipping are open platforms and enclosed haulers. Enclosed carriers are the best choice for special vehicles or classic cars that need enhanced protection against external factors like the weather. Open carriers are perfect, budget-priced solutions if your vehicle is a standard car. With American Auto Move, you can choose whichever solution suits you better.

Varied Shipping Times

We provide both standard and expedited services to get your car to the destination right on time. Our normal shipping times range between 2 and 4 days, which ranks us among the fastest auto transport companies in the business. Our expedited services provide next day pick-up and they are available for larger metropolitan areas only.

How Much is it to Transport a Vehicle from New York to Texas?

We get you the best service for the best price. Working with a large hauler pool allows us to provide the lowest possible fees, but we never cut corners when it comes to quality. Shipping vehicles in and out of New York is one of our priorities and you can be sure that the price you pay for your shipment will be the best in the industry.

Do You Need Further Information?

We are looking forward to receiving your request for quotation either online or by phone. Contact us by sending the free quote form on our website or call us at (888) 201-2370 and we will answer all your questions about New York to Texas auto shipping.