Ship a Car from New York To South Carolina

Express Car Relocation from New York to South Carolina

The average distance between New York and South Carolina is 800 miles. Crossing the country from north to south just to move a vehicle is time and energy consuming. This route involves driving through some rather crowded states. That means congestion, which will probably prolong your drive by a couple of hours more than the 14 hours it ought to take. If you want to avoid a tiring trip, then you should hire American Auto Move, the best auto transport company from New York to South Carolina. With lots of experience under our belts, we can provide you high quality, advantageous car relocation services.

Why Should You Contract with American Auto Move?

Our professional staff is well-trained to find out the best solution for your needs. So if you need to transport your vehicle from New York to South Carolina, hiring us means professionalism. We offer a variety of options, including:

Open-carrier auto transport, which means that the car shipping carrier from New York to South Carolina is open.

Enclosed vehicle transport. If you want to protect your car from weather and other damaging factors, then this is the right option, especially if you have a valuable car that needs extra protection, because the route from New York to South Carolina is a long drive.

Express auto delivery. If possible, your car will be relocated in less than 24 hours.

Terminal shipping. The pickup and delivery locations are generally pre-determined auto yards.

Military transport. We can provide safe and secure transport for any US military staff at discounted costs. Just mention that you are an active military member and you will pay less for your New York to South Carolina vehicle shipping service.

Port to port transport. Your automobile will be relocated from one point to another by ship. This type of transport has incredibly low costs.

How Can You Book Your Car Transport?

In you are interested in relocating your car using our professional services, we, the American Auto Move team, will gladly help you. All you need to do is send us your request and one of our staff members will respond quickly. You can book an auto transport online by filling out our quick quote form at or by sending us an email at Moreover, we are not afraid of competition, so you can compare our prices for New York to South Carolina transport using our comparison quote calculator at any time.