Ship a Car from New York To Puerto Rico

Ship Your Car From New York To Puerto Rico With A Reputed Company American Auto Move

From New York to Puerto Rico, the 1,616 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, passing west of Bermuda this is the distance your car needs to travel when you are sent to work at the military base in Fort Buchanan. Fortunately, as a military, you can benefit from several advantages if you choose the right New York to Puerto Rico auto transport company.

Benefits A Member Of The Military Can Get When Partnering With American Auto Move

Members of the military deserve our entire respect for their activity and commitment when it comes to serving our country. Therefore, we consider that we have to show them a token of this respect.

As an active duty service member, you can benefit from discounted rates, speed, quality and security for car shipping from and to any military base across the United States, including from New York to Puerto Rico.

How Is Your Car Transported To Fort Buchanan?

We are not a maritime company, but we certainly are a very experienced New York to Puerto Rico auto shipping carrier. We do not limit our services to transportation on land. Our partnership with Matson Navigation allows us to extend our area of activity on sea as well.

New York to Puerto Rico is only one of the routes that we can cover partnering with Matson. As a matter of fact, we are able to receive shipping orders between any ports Matson operate in. It is our duty to transport your car to the port of departure and then, from the port of destination, to the final chosen address. We are also responsible for the security of your vehicle during the entire transportation.

Get The Best New York To Puerto Rico Car Shipping Rate With American Auto Move

A simple phone call at 1-888-201-2370 will be enough to place a shipping order with us. Our agent will give you the opportunity to choose the date when you want your car delivered in Puerto Rico, and we promise to stick to that date.

More details about us can be found on our website You can also find there an online form where you can fill in the information about the service you need. One of our operators will then contact you and you will be able to place your order for shipping from New York to Puerto Rico.