Ship a Car from New York to North Carolina

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Shipping Your Car from New York to North Carolina Takes Experience and Dedication

Maybe you just got a job transfer and you need to start immediately, even if that means moving your most valuable possessions from New York to North Carolina. There could be other reasons too, but one idea to make the relocation easy is to start looking at car shipping companies from New York to North Carolina, and this process does not need to be difficult.

Time is often not on our side when a fast, long distance move means being somewhere without enough time to take your vehicle. By settling for cheap car shipping from New York to North Carolina, you are putting an important personal asset at risk.

Does Shipping My Vehicle from New York to North Carolina Have to Be Expensive?

The answer is no. When considering the costs of you making the trip with your vehicle yourself, you will see you may actually save money over driving yourself or even worse, hiring a less than reputable outfit to do it for you. By investing a few minutes now and solving your car transportation problem, you save huge headaches, money and time for later.

Expenses of Driving Yourself:

  • Before a long trip, a tune up and repairs are often necessary
  • Fuel and oil prices are sky high
  • Food and lodging
  • Damage to car if involved in any type of accident
  • Your trip from New York to North Carolina is around 450 miles and takes at least 8 hours. Those 8 hours could have been used for work time and making you money instead of costing you money.

Who is the Best Car Shipping Company from New York to North Carolina?

When you make a decision to ship something as personal and valuable as your vehicle, you want experience combined with credibility. At American Auto Move, we have years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers.

Get a car shipping quote for New York to North Carolina by visiting us at By filling out a quick and convenient online form, you will receive facts about vehicle shipment, choices for your car and a quote for a fair and accurate price.

If you have special arrangements or just prefer to talk to one of our customer service professionals about your upcoming order, please call us directly at (888) 201-2370. We have qualified professionals waiting to guide you on your car’s trip from New York to North Carolina.