Ship a Car from New York to Illinois

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American Auto Move – The Number One Car Shipping Company from New York to Illinois

If you take into consideration that the distance from New York to Illinois is of 807 miles, which, in normal conditions, would require 15 hours of continuous driving, it is always good to know that you have the possibility to hire an auto transport company from New York to Illinois.

What Is the Advantage of Turning to Professional Car Shipping?

If you wish to save time, gas, food and motel expenses, it is more appropriate to have a specialized company to ship your car from New York to Illinois. Undertaking such a long strenuous drive can bring many unexpected and unpleasant surprises. Anything from jammed traffic, bad weather conditions and additional expenses can make your trip really difficult.

The car shipping costs from New York to Illinois can be drastically reduced if you leave the task to professionals and thus avoid spending money on food, gas or car repairs in case of an accident.

The transporter you work with will take the car from the address that you provide and will ship it in a closed or open trailer, depending on your choice, and deliver it to destination safe and sound.

What Are the New York to Illinois Shipping Costs?

The costs vary according to the make and model of your car, to the exact distance on which the car is to be transported and to the shipping conditions, like delivery time, enclosed or open trailer, etc.

Before you close the deal with a transporter, it is important that you verify the reputation of the company and whether they offer insurance or not. We all prey for the best, but should the worst happen, you should be entitled to compensation, don’t you think?

What Is the Best Auto Shipping Company from New York to Illinois?

We have gained this reputation after delivering over 10,000 vehicles a year, all in the best conditions, using new equipment and highly skilled teams of drivers. However, we understand that you need more than our word, so we invite you to ask for a quote on our website,

You will receive a detailed offer, with all the details regarding our services, and you will see that we are your best choice to have your car delivered to destination safely and on time.

At American Auto Move, our goal is to make the distance from New York to Illinois shorter, so will you let us do this for you?