Ship a Car from New York To Idaho

Auto Shipping from New York to Idaho Is Easier Now for Military Members

You are an active member of the military, you have just received a new mission and you need to go from New York to Idaho? The problem is that you need your car in Idaho and you do not know how to transport it? American Auto Move can help you get your car to your next assignment at an affordable price.

We provide cheap auto transport from New York to Idaho, so you will not spend a fortune on having your car delivered on one of our carriers. In order to find the best solution for your needs, you will be guided by a team of professionals and you will also receive a discount!

What Discounts Does American Auto Move Offer?

We respect all the members of the military, therefore, we provide special prices. You will pay less than any other customers, receiving a shipping discount of 50$ instantly. The car shipping costs from New York to Idaho are lower, you can have your car loaded from your home or base within 20 minutes, and still have some time left to spend with the people you love. You can have all of these if you choose American Auto Move.

We are one of the best car shipping companies on the market and we provide top services. We offer safety conditions for your car, ensured by highly skilled drivers. You just need to relax and enjoy the time you have left between missions. The distance from New York to Idaho is of about 2,000 miles, so it would take you about three days to arrive at the destination of your new assignment.

Why Should You Hire Us?

If you choose to drive the car by yourself, you will arrive in Idaho exhausted. Also, you might encounter technical problems along the way, and you cannot risk arriving late. If you contact us to handle the shipping, you could spend another two or three days with your family and simply take a plane to destination.

We will inspect the car closely and, in only 20 minutes, we will fill in the papers for the insurance and load it on our auto shipping rate from New York to Idaho.

You can read more information about our car shipping services browsing Let us take your car from New York to Idaho and gain valuable time to spend with your loved ones.