Ship a Car from New York To Connecticut

Shipping Solutions from New York to Connecticut

Even on small distances like the one from New York to Connecticut, of only 168 miles, you still want your car to be safe, especially if it is an expensive model that you plan on owning for the rest of your life or a decade at least.

On crowded routes like this one, accidents are a threat waiting to happen, so you should do everything you can to avoid them. This is where New York to Connecticut car shipping companies come in: they can load your precious car onto a trailer and get it to Connecticut in the best conditions, without you having to worry about anything.

What Does Hiring Auto Shipping from New York to Connecticut Involve?

Just like for shipping on longer distances, all you have to do is to find a company that serves this route and ask questions about their services. Since we are talking about a quite popular route, chances are they offer several types of shipping, so you will have to choose between shipping your car in a closed or open trailer, between leaving it to a terminal and picking up from one and having it picked up and delivered from and to the address that you give.

The most important thing for you to understand that not all the companies operating on the route from New York to Connecticut are reliable, and if you choose the wrong one and you get fooled, the responsibility is all yours.

What Are the Risks of Hiring the Wrong Company?

You certainly hope that nothing bad will happen to you car, but, if it does, and your New York to Connecticut vehicle shipping company is not insured, you will pay for the damage from your own pocket. Milder scenarios involve not receiving your car at the due date or having its stereo stolen. Thorough research will certainly save you from such problems.

Hire American Auto Move and Leave Your Worries Aside

Our name will certainly appear in the results of your research for companies that operate from New York to Connecticut, because we are the most popular company in the US, shipping over 10,000 cars a year. We are insured, prompt and reliable, so accidents, delays or any type of inconveniences are unlikely to occur when you work with us.

Just browse our website to find out how we work and what we have to offer, and dont forget that someone is always available to answer your questions on New York to Connecticut shipping and not only.