New York Auto Transport

New York is one of the top three busiest states in the nation when it comes to auto transport, and for good reason. New York is one of the most populated states in the nation. Its largest city, New York City, is also the largest city in the US. And it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that auto transport is in hot demand all over New York in general and New York City in particular.

Get the Best New York Auto Transport with American Auto Move

When you choose to get a quote from American Auto Move, you’re getting a sampling of the absolute best opinions in the auto transport industry. Each and every one of the quotes we offer is created by hand by an auto transport expert, so you know that the prices are right.

Get the Best Price for Your Auto Move

American Auto Move always works to get you the best price, guaranteed. Let our partners compete with each other to get you the lowest possible price while receiving the highest level of service possible.

Select Whatever Type of Transport You Like

It doesn’t matter if you need open trailer or enclosed trailer transport, because American Auto Move give YOU the option to choose! Take your pick between our high-end enclosed trailer transport, perfect for your most cherished ride, or our steady, safe, and standard open trailer transport for everyday driver. American Auto Move leaves it to you!

Ship Quickly Throughout Most of the State

Transporting throughout most regions of New York is quick and easy with American Auto Move. For many areas, including All 5 Boroughs of New York City and West Long Island, are available for expedited shipping. Keep in mind, however, that certain areas of Upstate New York may be subject to turnaround times of up to two weeks.

Need Next Day Shipping?

As stated before, certain areas of New York State are eligible for next-day and expedited shipping. Shipping to Queens, Harlem, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Manhattan, is available for next day shipping.*

Use Online Tracking to Keep Up With Your Vehicles Progress

Tracking your shipping is so easy with American Auto Move. Simply make your order, wait for it to get picked up, and then track it online! Take advantage of this feature to make the most of your auto transport!

It’s So Simple to Get your Auto Transport Started

Getting started is incredible quick and simple when you use American Auto Move. All you need to do fill out the free quote form on this page and wait just a few minutes while we compile your quote. After that, you’re on your way to getting incredible auto transport service!

If you Have Questions about California Auto Shipping

If you have questions about service to and from New York, it’s easy to get the answers that you’re looking for. Try our Frequently Asked Questions page first, or call American Auto Move at (888) 201-2370 for more information!

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