Ship a Car from New Mexico to Virginia

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New Mexico to Virginia Vehicle Shipping Involves More than Meets the Eye

A factor to take into consideration when shipping your car from New Mexico to Virginia is the legal contract between you and the shipping company. Those who are not familiar with the vehicle transport industry may not know that many companies promise all kinds of extras, deals and special offers, but the customer should always read the fine print.

What Makes a Professional Car Shipping Company Truly Reliable?

Look for the car shipping companies from New Mexico to Virginia that have been in this industry for enough time to build a great reputation for themselves. A long trip, like the one from New Mexico to Virginia, which measures over 1,500 miles, involves many additional legal stipulations that have to be included in the contracts in order to have a safe transport.

Pay attention to the reviews written by previous customers and narrow your choices down to only a few companies that have their offers listed on their websites or in their brochures. At American Auto Move, we make sure that our customers can get their questions answered completely at any time by our customer service representatives.

How Much Are the Auto Shipping Costs from New Mexico to Virginia?

The price of shipping a car or truck depends mainly on which options the customer chooses. For example, door-to-door car shipping from New Mexico to Virginia is usually more expensive then terminal-to-terminal shipping. With terminal-to-terminal shipping, the customer drives the automobile to our terminal in New Mexico and drops it off, then picks it up at our Virginia terminal at the other end of the trip.

One of the more expensive shipping options we offer for classic or exotic automobiles is enclosed carrier transport, which provides extra protection from the elements for these special vehicles.

Ask in advance about the turnaround times and costs and when you can expect the car to be delivered from New Mexico to Virginia. Also make sure that the car shipping company you will be using is properly licensed and sufficiently insured.

How to Contact Us

The most convenient way to contact us is by visiting our website at and filling out a quick quote form. We will ask you a few questions about your vehicle and your shipping needs and give you a quote for taking your car from New Mexico to Virginia.