Ship a Car from New Mexico To Puerto Rico

Is It Possible To Have Your Sports Car Shipped From New Mexico To Puerto Rico?

A distance like that from New Mexico to Puerto Rico, of 2,660 miles on land and sea combined, is a real challenge for any auto transport company. Assuming that you have your car in Albuquerque, New Mexico, it needs transport on land through Amarillo, Oklahoma City, Dallas and Houston, to Galveston, and then on water, to Puerto Rico.

This is a long way that needs special attention paid to your car, which is subject to several maneuvers and may easily be damaged. This is why you need to hire the best New Mexico to Puerto Rico auto transport carrier to take care of your car during the transport.

Is This Procedure Available For A Sports Car?

Any type of vehicle could be transported this way from New Mexico to Puerto Rico, but when it comes to expensive cars, collection vehicles, or other categories that need special care, you should order shipping through our enclosed auto transport method, which provides additional security for your vehicle. The price you pay for this option is not as high as you could expect to be, and it surely is worth paying, considering the extra care provided to your car.

Reduce Your New Mexico To Puerto Rico Car Shipping Costs By Contracting Us

Only a few companies may accept to ship your car on land and on sea as well, like when you want it moved from New Mexico to Puerto Rico. If auto shipping on land is common for many companies in the industry, even on long distances, when it comes to shipping on the ocean, most of them do not have the necessary means to do it.

Thanks to our special cooperation with Matson Navigation, we are able to perform maritime ship between any two ports that Matson currently serves.

Contact Us To Schedule Your Car Shipping

Our phone line 1-888-201-2370 is always available for you, whenever you want to talk with our operators about vehicle shipping from New Mexico to Puerto Rico or on any other route that you may need. Make a call and ask them about the terms of the shipping, or visit our website,, and fill in your data in the form that you can find on our pages. You will be called back by one of our representatives, in order to set up the terms of the contract for the shipping of your vehicle from New Mexico to Puerto Rico.