Ship a Car from New Mexico to New Jersey

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Hiring a New Mexico to New Jersey Vehicle Shipping Service Is Smarter Than Driving

Spanning the nation, a drive from the southern state of New Mexico to New Jersey, on the northeastern seaboard, is bound to be an adventure. If there is more than a single vehicle to be moved from the south all the way up to the northeastern coast, employing an auto shipping company only makes sense.

What options are available for shipping a vehicle across this nation?

Many people view their vehicles as a means of transportation and nothing more, but some few take special care of their prized possessions, and, regardless of the nature of the situation, there will be a vehicle shipping service to match those needs: American Auto Move. In the simplest sense of the service, our open carriers are the well known workhorses of the auto transport industry; they can be found hauling vehicles to automotive dealers across the nation, and will do the same for anyone looking to have a vehicle transported safely and efficiently from New Mexico to New Jersey.

If you have a luxury or antique vehicle that requires extra protection, there is always our enclosed low-body carrier service that allows virtually all of the risk of such transport to be mitigated. Our enclosed carriers are hard-sided fully enclosed box freight trailers which employ climate control systems and ultra-secure soft tie-downs to secure the vehicle after it is loaded via heavy-duty lift gates, so that even the risk of loading a vehicle via ramps is avoided.

What is the price to ship a car from New Mexico to New Jersey?

Despite many preconceptions, vehicle shipping costs are not nearly as high as the alternative solutions. If a car is driven from New Mexico to the State of New Jersey, the 2,000-mile, two-day journey is going to require significant fuel and travel expenses, as well as lodging; and, of course, there is always the risk of encountering the unknown. Shipping a vehicle with us will negate the first three concerns, fuel and travel and lodging costs, as well as mitigating the fourth issue where the unknown is concerned.

While it is true that every situation is different, one thing remains constant: driving two thousand miles from the mid-south to the northeastern coast yourself is a significant undertaking fraught with unknown challenges, and will entail significant costs. A simple quote request will show that American Auto Move car shipping costs are lower, often significantly lower, than the costs incurred in driving the vehicle yourself.

Call us or get your free quote online now, and you will see that, with us, New Mexico to New Jersey car shipping is much smarter than driving.