Ship a Car from New Mexico To Idaho

Enclosed Transport from New Mexico to Idaho Is the Best Solution for Your New Car

Did you win a very expensive car at the lottery and you need to bring it from New Mexico to Idaho? You would like to ship the car without adding miles to its odometer, but you do not know what method to choose? American Auto Move is a specialized vehicle shipping company from New Mexico to Idaho and we might have some ideas.

Why Choose Enclosed Auto Transport?

First, you must know that enclosed auto transport is a service for which we use covered carriers. This way, you can stop worrying about the road and weather conditions that might affect your car.

Would you like to receive your car intact, without a scratch, because you are thinking of offering it as a gift to someone dear to you? The distance from New Mexico to Idaho is of about 800 miles and it will not look like new after driving it for so long.

The carrier used for transporting the car uses a liftgates system. It ensures extra safety for your car during the shipping. The system looks like an elevator and it keeps the car horizontally no matter how bumpy the road is. Enclosed auto transport is provided with the safest vehicle shipping carrier from New Mexico to Idaho.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing American Auto Move?

We are the best vehicle shipping company from New Mexico to Idaho and we have a lot of customers who consider us one of the best quality providers on the market. The cars are transported safely, we do not add extra fees to the final price, and we also have an option that enables our clients to track their vehicles online.

We work only with professional drivers. No matter how many miles they need to drive, they are experienced and they know the routes by heart. They have been transporting cars from New Mexico to Idaho for years, so there is no need to worry about the safety of your car. They take shifts behind the wheel, and in case of an unpredicted event, there is always someone ready to replace them.

Our companys goal is to offer professionalism, safety and reliability, and, so far, we have kept our promise. You can always check what our former clients have to say about us by visiting our webpage at You will see that your car is safer with us shipping it from New Mexico to Idaho than it would be with you behind the wheel.