Ship a Car from New Jersey to Virginia

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From New Jersey to Virginia, We Provide the Best Shipping Carriers for any Type of Vehicle

Car shipping services from New Jersey to Virginia are more important now than ever thanks to the ever-increasingly mobility of our society.

Whether you are changing your job, starting on a different living situation or just taking an extended vacation, it seems that more and more Americans like to have their car along during the trip, no matter where they are heading. This is why vehicle moving companies are some one of the most searched-for services by people who are planning a trip.

Why Choose Auto Transport Service from New Jersey to Virginia?

The distance from New Jersey to Virginia is over 400 miles, and it would take roughly 6 hours if you were to drive it. There are many reasons customers take advantage of professional vehicle shipping services over this route, and one of them is that they bought a used or new automobile from an online dealer.

A transaction involving large items like this is not uncommon when you consider how many businesses are currently conducted exclusively online. Even though the majority of internet businesses are secure, the customers who conduct major transactions online (such as paying for a vehicle) also want to be sure that the auto transport from New Jersey to Virginia will be conducted in the most secure and professional manner possible.

How Do You Get a New Jersey to Virginia Car Shipping Quote?

Contrary to what many people think about car shipping, regular vehicles are not the only items transported by professional transporters. Often times, at American Auto Move, heavy machines such as the ones used in construction or other massive operations, as well as RVs, boats, motorcycles and trailers, are among the other kinds of items that can be found in our carriers.

Because of this, we do not just charge a flat price for everyone, because that would be unfair. The price for moving your vehicle from New Jersey to Virginia will depend on its size and other details.

Where to Find Us

Visit us at and we will be happy to answer all your questions related to car shipping, our reputation, our prices, etc. A customer service representative can help you figure out which type of shipping you should choose to move your car, truck, boat or other kind of vehicle from New Jersey to Virginia.