Ship a Car from New Jersey To Puerto Rico

Auto Shipping From New Jersey To Puerto Rico Is Not Available With Any Auto Transport Company, But You Can Have It At American Auto Move

Moving your car from New Jersey to Puerto Rico with an auto shipping company is a difficult procedure, due to the 1,580 miles that separate the continent from the island, crossing a part of the Atlantic Ocean. There are only a few companies that may offer such services, and American Auto Move claims to be the best auto transport company from New Jersey to Puerto Rico.

Why Should You Trust Us When We Say We Are The Best?

We are not shipping your car across the ocean ourselves, but we have a partnership with Matson Navigation and, therefore, we can offer you vehicle shipping between any two ports where Matson is active. We take care to transport your car to the port of departure and from the port of destination to the address you choose, so sending your car from New Jersey to Puerto Rico is really possible using our services.

Another benefit of this partnership that we have with Matson refers to the prices that we have negotiated with them. As a result, you may benefit from the best price when you hire our New Jersey to Puerto Rico car shipping service. Your car is delivered to the final destination completely safe, on the specific day that you choose when you contract us.

Does American Auto Move Offer An Insurance Policy For Your Car?

Yes, we are insured and, as a consequence, any accident that may occur during the transportation from New Jersey to Puerto Rico is covered by our insurance policy. However, thanks to the extended experience that we have acquired, as well as to the safe procedures of Matson, such incidents are not likely to occur.

Contact Us To Get A Quote For The Shipment Of Your Car

Get the best New Jersey to Puerto Rico vehicle shipping price by calling us at 1-888-201-2370 and talking to our operator, who is there to offer you any detail you may need in order to choose the terms of the shipping procedure, let us know where from your car has to be loaded and to where and when it has to be delivered.

If you want to find out more about us and our performance as an auto shipping company, our website,, is easily accessible, and you can plan the shipment of your car from New Jersey to Puerto Rico from there.