Ship a Car from New Jersey to Ohio

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The Best Car Shipping from New Jersey to Ohio – Offered by American Auto Move

New Jersey to Ohio is one of our favorite routes, here, at American Auto Move. The demographic density of the Garden State and the high-rising cities of the Buckeye State make car shipping between the two very special to us. Whether you need to relocate from Jersey or you only need to have a vehicle transported to Ohio, you can be sure that our services are safe, efficient and affordable; but let’s see in more detail what you can benefit from exactly.

Why Choose American Auto Move?

Because our services have been designed so as to cater for whatever transport requirements you may have:

  • We provide varied hauler options – working with an extended pool of carriers, we can provide both enclosed and open carrier platforms to suit your vehicle’s needs while it travels from New Jersey to Ohio. Enclosed shipping is best for special vehicles and high-end cars, while standard, open carriers work best if you need a standard car to be shipped even quicker.
  • We are fast – we can proudly say that we are among the fastest car shipping companies in the industry. Given our extended network of drivers, we can guarantee our customers to pick their vehicles within 2-4 days after they place their orders. Our express service available in most cities is even faster, with pick-up by next day.

24/7 Monitoring

As an addition that makes a difference, we included round-the-clock vehicle tracking into our standard and express packages alike. You simply log in on our website with the user name you receive when you confirm your order, and you can see where your car is at all times during the transport.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Car from New Jersey to Ohio?

We are trying to protect both your car and your purse. If you compare the costs of driving your car to Ohio yourself to the price we charge for our services, you will see that our packages are very affordable. And there is one more thing you can save if you hire American Auto Move: your invaluable time.

Getting Your Free Quote

You can check our offer very easily. We now provide a Quick Quote Form on the sidebar of our website – if you fill it out with a few details of the transport options that you need, then hit the Submit button, we will get back to you in a few minutes with a free auto transport quote tailored to your needs.

If you wish to talk to us in person, please call American Auto Move at (888) 201-2370, and we will be happy to answer your questions about New Jersey to Ohio car shipping.