Ship a Car from New Jersey to New York

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Before Shipping Your Car from New Jersey to New York, Get All the Related Information

Before you pack your bags and accept the challenge that a drive from New Jersey to New York usually represents, perhaps you would like to know that there is another way that no longer requires you to sacrifice your time and attention and does not get you to bankruptcy either, that of having your car transported by a specialized company.

How Come Hiring Specialized Transport from New Jersey to New York is More Convenient Than Driving on Your Own?

Just like travelling from one city to another is cheaper than driving in your car. The costs are divided to the number of cars shipped. So, if you plan the shipping in advance, and you give the company you work with enough time to arrange the transportation of several cars at the same time, the costs will be divided between all the car owners, creating the premises for an excellent financial solution.

How Can you Verify the New Jersey to New York Auto Shipping Costs and Choose the Best Options?

After you make a list with all the costs that driving on your own would involve, from gas to food, drinks, possible fines or a motel room and highway tax and you obtain a viable summary of expenses, get an estimate from a New Jersey to New York auto transport company and compare the values.

In order to make sure that the price you receive is accurate, provide the company with all the information regarding the shipping, from the departure point to the delivery point, including the specifications of your car, like year, brand and model.

Unless you request that your car be shipped in a closed trailer, within a certain time frame, the shipping from New Jersey to New York will probably be cheaper than what the drive would cost.

And of course, all of our drivers are 100% fully insured, so that in the highly unlikely event that your vehicle is damaged during shipping, you’ll be completely covered.

If you want to make sure that you benefit from the best shipping services in the US, contact us, at American Auto Move, and we will make you an irresistible offer. By filling in the quote for on our website,, you will receive a detailed offer with our services and any other information you may need in order to make sure that your car gets from New Jersey to New York fast and safe.