Ship a Car from New Jersey to Indiana

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Get Your Car Moved from New Jersey to Indiana with American Auto Move

Instead of driving for 700 miles from New Jersey to Indiana, you might want to take into account the solutions that we, at American Auto Move, so proudly offer to anyone in your situation. We are one of the leading auto shipping companies in the United States, covering all the most important routes and offering top quality services.

Why Should You Hire Our Auto Transport Company from New Jersey to Indiana?

Driving for 13 hours is a real challenge, especially if you lack time and money. The long trip can make you take risky decisions behind the wheel, not to mention the heavy traffic and the road jams. Just stop and think at the dangerous situations you are about to face and choose the easy way – let a professional deal with your moving from New Jersey to Indiana.

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What Are the Costs Involved?

To be able to give you a quote, we need to know some specifications about your car and details regarding the destination. Usually, the price when shipping with us is lower than the costs you would face if you were to drive to destination yourself. It is understandable, considering that, on your own, you would have to save a lot of money spent on gas, food, lodging and other road expenses you might encounter.

With us, however, your car will be safely shipped, along with 20 other, on our auto carrier from New Jersey to Indiana, and you will cut down any personal expenses for the road.

How to Become Our Client

If you choose to let us move your car from New Jersey to Indiana, then you have made the best decision ever.

There are two ways in which we can be reached. First, you can visit our website:, to find full information about who we are, what we do, what the services that we offer are. You can also apply for a car shipping quote from New Jersey to Indiana, free of charge.

Soon after, one of our professionals in charge of the information office will give all the information you need about the transportation, the time set and the prices involved, to make sure that your car is safely moved to destination.

You can also contact us at (888) 201-2370, and we will be more than happy to reply your questions and provide you with the best solutions for moving your car from New Jersey to Indiana.